Burn Case

Burns are one of the most overwhelming procedures of trauma. Patients with serious burn injury require immediate specialised care in order to minimise infection rates and mortality. Receiving self-confessed at the initial in a specialised burns unit after a burn injury is very significant as the burn wounds get diseased very fast if not taken care of proximately.
Burn Case

Mukta Healthcare is the only dedicated burn unit in this region. This Burns Unit provides patients and their families with the superior level of latest burn care. We are enthusiastic and complete burn care in a development, empathetic, individual and disinfected environment.

  • Appropriate critical care unit for burn recovery and monitoring
  • Isolation units to prevent/reduce infective complications
  • Facility for separate sterile dressing rooms for dressings
  • 24x7 fully functional, with a trained team
  • Acute care for all severely injured burns patients
  • 24-hour amenities for rehabilitative surgery for burns affected role in connotation with plastic and reconstructive surgery unit
  • Post-operative rehabilitation and scar management services
  • Advice, valuation and treatment of outpatients with slight burns

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