ICU & Critical Care Specialist

The quality of ICU and Critical care in a hospital can determine the life-saving chances of a person. ICU and Critical Care Unit of Mukta Nursing Home is an advanced level, well-equipped department. Our specially trained doctors and nurses are all always ready with war-like readiness to treat severely injured people and patients with life-threatening injuries.
ICU & Critical Care Specialist

The ICU and Critical Care Department of Mukta Nursing Home ensure round-the-clock treatments and care to patients with fatal injurious and life-threatening illnesses. We can provide the best treatments to patients with single or multiple organ failures like pulmonary, cardiac, neurology, and kidney because of our highly experienced specialized doctors, medical staff, and high-tech monitoring machines. Our ICU care delivers proper and effective treatments to patients with respiratory failure, severe burns, cuts, stroke, kidney failure, fatal accidents, trauma, etc.

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