Nephrology is a complex part of human healthcare. Mukta Nursing Home Nephrology Depart consists of experts who care for the betterment of thousands of patients with chronic or acute kidney problems. Our world-class facility has enabled us to treat even extremely complicated problems.

Our kidney specialist doctors and medical staff has years of experience in the field and execute every case with utmost mastery and clinical skill. Our team consists of kidney transplant specialists, specialists of urology, and nephrologists. Their expertise and our high-end technical expertise have enabled us to provide successful treatments to thousands of patients suffering from kidney diseases. Our diagnostic process, dialysis support, surgical procedures, and postoperative care are one of the best in this region.  Kidney diseases are serious life-threatening issues and must be cared for properly. Mukta Nursing Home is determined to provide the best treatments for nephrology and bring smiles to thousands of painful faces.

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