Mukta Healthcare provides comprehensive and world-class orthopaedic services. This department provides specific care concerning complex trauma, joint replacement, spine surgery and associated ailments. The Orthopaedic department at our hospitals delivers personalised care utilising the newest research and evidence-based medicine..

Orthopaedics is a line of treatment and surgery involving the system, including trauma degenerative conditions, sports injury, arthroscopy, arthroplasty tumours, and congenital issues. At Mukta Healthcare, our robust team of orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgeons are geared to tackle the toughest of bone and spine-related disorders and conditions with the proper approach to urge you back on your feet within the shortest time.

  • Complex Trauma
  • Joint replacement
  • Deformity Correction & Ilizarov Surgeies
  • Spine surgeries
  • Arthrospic Surgeries
  • Osteotomy
  • Fusion
  • Internal fixation

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